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Mike Element 086

Mike Element 086 Mike Element 086 Mike Element 086 Mike Element 086 Mike Element 086

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Mike Element 086

Brand Element
Item code 086
Fabric -Cotton blended fabric
Application season The spring and Autumn period
Collar type T
Style College
Whether wearing a hat No
Security levels B class
The material component Cotton 90% polyurethane elastic fibers (spandex) 10%
Pattern Cartoon animation
Applying gender Male
Style Sleeveless
Really making a model Real models
Reference height 10 yard wear 1 m 30 kg, 11 yards to wear 1.1-meter of 40 kg, 50 kg of 12 yards to wear 1.2-meter, 13 yards to wear 1.3-meter of 60 kg, 14 yards to wear 1.4-meter of 70 kg, 15 yard wear 1.5-meter of 80 kg, 16 yards to wear 1.6-meter 90 kg
Product Category Women's t-shirt
The description and all characteristics are translated by the machine translator called nazya

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Mike Element 086, to buy for

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