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Baby dress Di Dara 8016

Baby dress Di Dara 8016 Di Dara Baby dress Di Dara 8016 Di Dara Baby dress Di Dara 8016 Di Dara Baby dress Di Dara 8016 Di Dara Baby dress Di Dara 8016 Di Dara

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Color classification: 801605 pumpkin carriage
Color classification: 801602 Mermaid
Color classification: 802006 vest, little Red Riding Hood
Color classification: 802002 vest, Mermaid
Color classification: 801612 Santa Claus
Color classification: 801611 loves dinosaurs
Color classification: 802005 vest purple Castle
Color classification: 802003 vest, cab
Color classification: 802011 vest, dinosaurs
Color classification: 802010 vest pink castle
Color classification: 801606-little Red Riding Hood
Color classification: 801601 UFO rocket
Color classification: 801608 robot
Color classification: 802001 vest UFO rocket
Color classification: 801610 transformers
Color classification: 801604 aircraft
Color classification: 801609-Aladdin
Color classification: 801607 pink castle
Color classification: 801603 taxi
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Discount is valid until 23 February 2017 г.

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Baby dress Di Dara 8016

Brand Di Dara
Listed year season The fall of 2016
The material component Cotton 90% other 10%
Security levels Class a
Reference height M-code for 1-2, l codes for 2-4, XL code suited 4-6, XXL code for 6-8
Fabric Cotton
Waterproof Is
Pattern Cartoon animation
Item code 8016
Product Category Baby dresses
The description and all characteristics are translated by the machine translator called nazya

Goods of a seller 嘀哩哒啦母婴旗舰店


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костюм в реале как на фото размер соответствует качество на5+++

( 17 February 2012 , watched: 77863 , no reviews )

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( 17 February 2012 , watched: 77622 , no reviews )

шапочка мягкая цвет как на фото класная 5+

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Baby dress Di Dara 8016, to buy for

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