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Color classification: H41-little yellow guy yellow Hoodie
Color classification: H42-grey m Church
Color classification: H51-Doug Elves
Color classification: H36-cats eat fish
Color classification: H49-Army Green cars
Color classification: H38-white m Church
Color classification: H40-red, white and blue Church
Color classification: Navy Blue H10-fries
Color classification: Rose h08-love rabbit
Color classification: H56-love frog
Color classification: Big bear h45-bear II
Color classification: Ash Grey H04-jingle
Color classification: H54-blue-Doraemon
Color classification: H46-yellow girl
Color classification: Blue Star m H20-Qi
Color classification: H32-white cow
Color classification: H09-Strawberry red rabbit
Color classification: H34-dinosaur
Color classification: Green h06-green m
Color classification: Purple Heart h18-KT
Color classification: Lavender Butterfly H01-KT
Color classification: H30-powdered milk bottles
Color classification: Blue H02-blue bells
Color classification: H55-pants Camo
Color classification: H48-pink Koala
Color classification: Fluorescent green h23-elephant
Color classification: H35-gold m Church
Color classification: H27-black cow spots
Color classification: H21-glass rabbit
Color classification: H16-triangle
Color classification: H53-Red Cross Chi
Color classification: Orange H11-flower Strawberry
Color classification: H52-Red Fox
Color classification: H33-banana monkey
Color classification: H43-pink Tutu
Color classification: H50-Brown triangle to spell
Color classification: Dark blue H07-m Qi
Color classification: Wine Red Crown H13-Meow
Color classification: H25-the Moon rabbit
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US $15 25

Discount is valid until 23 February 2017 г.

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Brand OTHER / Other
Security levels B class
The material component Polyester fibers 100%
Reference height 6 recommended height recommended height 70~80cm,8 code 80~90cm,10 code 90~100,12 code: 100~110,14 code: recommended height recommended height recommended height recommended height 110~120,16 code 120~130,18 code 130~140,20 code: 140~150,22 code: recommended height recommended height recommended height 150~155
Applying gender Neutral
Function Warm, antibacterial, homes
For the season Winter
Underwear for ages 11-13, 13 years old and above, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-9, 9-11
Item code H
Product Category Home Services packages
The description and all characteristics are translated by the machine translator called nazya

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